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沙巴体育平台网址Our popular Foot Mat Heater is now manufactured in Germany. It also comes with a footswitch and indicator light for easy operation.

A heated mat that costs just $10 per year to operate

The foot warmer mat heater will heat you more effectively and with over 90% less energy 沙巴体育平台网址than other electric heaters on the market.

The foot mat heater delivers a pleasant radiant warmth from directly below where you are sitting or standing.

It's super cheap to operate. Your heating costs will be just $10 per year per heater (when used for 4 hours per day, every day, for 4 months!).

The problem with other electric heaters

Electric heaters used in most homes and offices in Australia are inefficient energy guzzlers. In fact, heating is one of the key drivers of high electricity bills.

沙巴体育平台网址Electric heaters typically consume between 1,000 and 2,400 watts and fail to direct heat where it is needed most.

Other electric heaters such as those pictured are cheap to buy, but very expensive to operate. And they're usually not very effective.

Oil column heaters look innocent, but actually consume a large amount of power. Much of the heat produced by oil column heaters is lost above the heater, rising to unoccupied areas of the room (ie. the ceiling).

Electric fan or convection heaters, on the other hand, try to overcome this problem by forcing heat out horizontally across the room. This creates another problem: air movement promotes cooling, not heating! To counteract this they consume an enormous amount of power for their size.

Next come the bar or panel radiator type heaters. In theory, these aren't as bad because they employ more effective radiant heat. But, their downsides include over-spec power consumption, significant fire hazard, and the fact they never seem to last for more than one winter.

The solution: direct heat where you need it

沙巴体育平台网址The solution to many of the woes described above is simple: deliver radiant / conductive heat directly to where it is needed (the occupants of a room). This is what the foot mat heater delivers.

It is ideal for use as an under-desk heater at work, or at home in front of the TV (see also our electric throw blanket沙巴体育平台网址). We've also sold these heaters to workplaces suffering from the cold like factories or warehouses, which are often heated poorly compared to a conventional office building.

Foot Mat Heater Thermal Image

The Heat Master heated carpet mat as seen with a FLIR One Pro thermal imaging camera.

Specifications - Electric Foot Warmer / Foot Mat Heater

Power Consumption 75 Watts
Voltage 220-240V AC
Components 1.8m power cord, in-line on/off foot switch (with red indicator light), and foot mat
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug
Colour Black power cord, grey foot mat
Dimensions - Power cord = 180cm
- Foot mat = 40cm x 60cm
Weight 780 grams
Installation Self install / portable product
Product Identifiers 9349970004672 (Barcode)
Country of Origin Germany
Safety Notes & Features - Designed for indoor use.
- Not to be completely covered when on (feet and/or shoes are fine).
- Not recommended as a pet heater.
- Not designed to be placed under furniture legs, wheels or other heavy objects permanently.
Note: Each device is fitted with a temperature limiter (60°C). It is located in the middle of the carpet (see images showing cut-away of internal construction).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stand on it?

Yes. As standing desks increase in popularity, we get this question more often. The foot mat heater is designed to be stood on, walked across, or you can simply rest your feet on it while seated.

Are other control options available?

The Foot Mat Heater is controlled by an on/off foot switch and delivers a pleasant even temperature. There's even a red indicator light on the footswitch to remind you when it's switched on.

Since the Foot Mat Heater plugs into a standard power outlet, it can be switched on/off with wireless remote sockets, timers, WiFi smart switches and plug-in thermostats. See our range of power control devices.

Is it available in other colours?

The foot mat heater is currently only available in the grey carpet material as pictured.

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